Rules of the game:


5 people are sitting around a set table, breakfas- ting in a public place. One of them had invited.

Every breakfast has to be recognizably one ( clo- thes, set table, chairs, foot ) and is an individual happening in the public.

Every one of the invited ones has to organize a public breakfast as soon as possible, with different participants in a different place. The one that does the inviting covers the costs.

The breakfasting persons invite passer-bys to their table and tell them about the rules of the game.

The starting of new breakfast lines is welcome.

In case of unpredictable or unavoidable problems ( bad weather, thread of loss of working place….) should the breakfast take place at the next possible agreeable date.

For the juridical side ( depending on your countries laws about meeting in public places ) of the break- fast , every one has to take care individually. Everyone is in charge of his own breakfast.

For the planed “PermanentBreak – Feast” (invitations will follow eventually) and the “Breakfast Catalog” lots of material will be needed: the participants should document their breakfast (photos, videos, audio tracks, written testimonies…) and send their results to:


Friedemann Derschmidt
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